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See below for the taxation services that PS Tax Consultancy provides

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I provide a Self-Assessment Tax Return completion service for UK resident individuals. This includes preparing your Tax Return, calculating your tax liability, obtaining your approval, and electronic submission to HMRC. I will also answer any questions about your Tax Return and deal with amendments and HMRC checks or enquiries for no additional fee.


My basic fee for this service for the 2023/24 tax year is £220 per Tax Return.

There are additional fees based on which additional pages of your Tax Return need to be completed. 

I offer a discount for payment in advance and if couples use this service.

Note that my practice is small so I do not need to charge VAT on top of this fee.

Please contact me if you would like a personal quote based on your tax position or further information about this service.

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Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is due if you dispose of an asset such as shares or property, and the profit from all disposals in a tax year (after deducting any available capital losses) is more than the CGT allowance.

The CGT allowance for the current 2024/25 tax year is £3,000, and under current tax rules it will stay at this level for all future tax years. This is significantly lower than the CGT allowance in recent tax years, and means that even a fairly modest capital gain will result in CGT being payable.

Many people are not aware of the tax rules on capital gains, or the implications of not declaring taxable capital gains to HMRC on their Tax Returns. Similarly, many people don't realise that capital losses need to be 'claimed' by including them on Tax Returns or by writing to HMRC within 4 years of the end of the tax year in which they were made.

As a Chartered Tax Adviser specialising in CGT with a wealth management background, I can help. By calculating your potential capital gains using the complex share matching rules, then devising a disposal strategy by using or claiming capital losses, spousal transfers to utilise additional allowances and lower CGT rates, as well as other less well-known reliefs I should be able to eliminate or reduce your tax bill.

Where there are gaps in your records I will be able to make reasonable estimates for missing acquisition details rather than using 'nil cost'.

Please note that I am not a financial adviser, so I will never give advice on whether a specific shareholding should be sold from an investment perspective. I will purely be looking at the estimated tax savings.


My fees for this work start at £200 but I offer a discount for payment in advance and if couples use this service.

The fee will be higher if the calculations would take me longer due to the number of holdings, volume of transactions, how long the shares have been held, and if there have been many complex share reorganisations. However, I would always let you know what my fee would be prior to starting any work.

There would be an additional fee of £150 for clients using the UK Self-Assessment Tax Return Completion service. This fee is lower than the standard fee for using that service.  

Please contact me if you would like a 'no obligation' chat about this service to see if I can save you some tax.



I provide a service to calculate the CGT liability, then complete and submit UKPRs for clients who have disposed of a UK residential property and made a taxable capital gain.

This Return has to be submitted to HMRC and any tax paid within 60 days of the completion of the property disposal. (Prior to 6 April 2020 it was only necessary to include these disposals on the annual Self Assessment Tax Return, but now it needs to be included on both.)

Note that all individuals with a share in a UK residential property are required to submit a UKPR to HMRC based on their share of the capital gain.

Due to the short deadline, if you are considering this service I would suggest contacting me prior to, or immediately after the property transaction takes place.  


The fee for this service starts from £250 for the UKPR alone, with additional fees up to a maximum of £100 if there are more complex issues such as needing to use March 1982 value, using estimated acquisition or disposal values, claiming for improvement expenditure or claiming Private Residence Relief.

There would be a further fee of £150 for clients using the UK Self-Assessment Tax Return Completion service for the tax year in which the property was disposed. This is lower than the standard fee for using that service.  

I offer a discount for payment in advance and if couples use this service. 

Note that my practice is small so I do not need to charge VAT on top of this fee.

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Subject to workloads, I am available to assist other businesses providing tax services, working remotely from home.

My specialist areas are Self Assessment Tax Returns for UK resident individuals and CGT.

I have used TaxCalc, Digita and PerTax Tax Return completion software.


My hourly rates are competitive for my level of expertise.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss outsourcing.

Other useful information

As a small business I don't need to charge VAT. This saves my clients money when compared to larger businesses who would need to charge an additional 20% at current VAT rates.

The services that I provide are either by post, email, a client portal, or in person if you live locally. I also have the facility for documents such as engagement letters or Tax Returns to be signed electronically to save on paper, postage and time.

I have clients from Cornwall to Scotland, and the tax software that I use can deal with both UK and Scottish tax rules.

Note that I don't offer services relating to VAT, Inheritance Tax, Company, Partnership, SDLT or Trust Tax Returns. I also don't provide payroll services or advise on IR35, Tax Credits or Universal Credit matters.

I am fully compliant with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and GDPR legislation, and the Professional Conduct in Relation to Taxation (PCRT) guidance. I am required to keep up to date with my area of tax each year by meeting the Chartered Institute of Taxation's Continuing Professional Development (CPD) regulations. I also have Professional Indemnity Insurance cover in place.

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